Routine Repairs or Scheduled Maintenance

If you have a situation which seem to be immediately hazardous, damaging or detrimental to either you or the proprty, please report the problem as soon as possible. We will coordinate for repairs

Seasonal Heater /Cooler conversions:

  • Converting from cooler to heater is normally scheduled no later than 15th of October. This allows for cooler operation as late as possible while ensuring that damage to the heating, cooling and plumbing systems due to freezing temperatures are avoided. To coordinate a seasonal change over select Silver Sage Realty Property Meld
    •  Conversions are paid for by the owner.
    • If the tenant desires heater conversion earlier than 1 October,and we will coordinate if possible
    • Tenants should not perform the conversions on their own:
      • For occupant safety, Carbon Monoxide readings are taken to ensure that the heater is functioning within normal parameters – these reading can only be taken by a certified/qualified technician.
      • To ensure that all steps in the conversion process have been performed properly and without damage to the heating, Cooling, and heating,cooling, and plumbing systems.
  • Converting from heating to cooling start making appointments in April for change overs starting as early as 1 May.
    • We coordinate with a contractor who, in turn, will contact the tenant to schedule an appointment. Conversions are paid for by the owner.
    • If the tenant desires heater conversion earlier than April, email our offices and we will coordinate if possible.
    • Tenants should not perform conversions on their own


1) Silver Sage Realty or the owner will not accept responsibility/liability for injuries to tenants while conducting conversions on their own.

2) Tenants are responsible for keeping the appointments; and may be liable for repair costs incurred due burst pipes and subsequent damages caused by freezing conditions if the conversions have not been completed due to missed appointments or denied access to the property.