General Repair Tips

Try Before Requesting Maintenance

If an electrical appliance isn’t working:

  • Make sure it’s plugged into outlet
  • Check circuit breaker
  • Push the reset button on the GFI outlet.Note: The property owner is not responsible for loss of food or for alternative
    lodging due to appliance failure.

If an electrical outlet does not work:

  • The light switch may activate the outlet. Try plugging an appliance into the outlet and turn on your light switch.
  • If it still doesn’t work, check the circuit breakers

If there’s a leak in your plumbing: Be sure to put something under the leak to catch the water until maintenance can fix it.

If your toilet doesn’t flush due to turned-off water supply:

  • You can use a bucket of cold water to flush it until maintenance can get there to fix it.
    Caution: Use only cold water. Hot or warm water can crack the toilet.

If there is no hot water:

  • Check your circuit breaker to make sure it hasn’t tripped.
  • If that’s not the problem, report the problem

If the garage door remote doesn’t work:

  • Push the stationary button inside the garage. If that works, it’s most likely the
    batteries in the remote that need replacing.
  • If the stationary button doesn’t work, make sure the lights are green on the electric
    eyes (located near the bottom of the rails on either side of the garage door). If they
    are misaligned, the lights will not be green and the garage door will not go down.
    You can try adjusting one or the other until both electric eyes are green.
  • If something is blocking the electric eyes this will also prohibit the operation of the
    garage door.